Puppy Carbon activated Training Pad ~ Pee Pads Ideal For House Breaking And Potty Training Odour less(Carbon 60 x 60 Cms, 20)

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  • Pad Measure – Training pad: 24″ x 24″, supply to all age/size dog (20 PC PACK)
  • Top Quality – Flexible material flattens easily and never slide around; PE film backing and edging protect floor and pad away from leaking; pet cannot rip it while trying to scratch and cover up poop
  • Odour Elimination – Contained carbon-based molecules keep long lasting clean scent; excellent deodorization effect with bamboo charcoal and adding anti-bacterial ingredient refuse odour and prevent the growth of bacteria
  • Super Absorbency – Quick drying technology helps pad absorb pet urine in seconds, keeps pad surface dry and clean, advanced polymer converts liquids into a gel to avoid runoff, prevents tracking and extends the life of the pad
  • Perfect Training – Ideal solution for puppy, senile dog, pet dog meeting problem of incontinence and so on; applicable to rainy day and cold weather; besides floor, pad protects seat during car rides, avoid tracking during bad weather by placing them at door, keep beds and furniture clean
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      Tear resistant & leak-proof, these pee pads are built for the long haul and stay in place while your pet takes care of business.
      Their large size makes them ideal for training pets of all sizes, plus they minimize odours which make them a great option for those long work days.


      Incredibly easy to clean up, our pee pads are made with organic materials that use 5 different layers to absorb, deodorize, and absorb. Now, youll never need to worry about your pet making a mess on the new carpet.


      Specially designed with a built-in attractant, dogs are drawn to the pad when nature calls, which means faster and more successful potty training for your puppy.
      Simply choose where you want your dog to go, unfold the pad, and place it on the floor with the plastic side down.


      24×7 eMall Pet Training Pads are great for training puppies before housebreaking, assisting aging dogs or elderly dogs, use by dogs left alone for long periods of time, and as an alternative to going potty outside for indoor pets.
      The Go Buddy 5-Layer Design also includes a tissue paper layer which contains built-in puppy attractant to accelerate house training by drawing your pet to the pad.


    24×7 eMall Pet Training Pads contain a layer of ultra-absorbent polymer which locks in moisture by turning urine into gel instantly.
    The polymer also has an odour neutralizer that eliminates urine odours and leaves a lasting clean scent.

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Puppy Carbon activated Training Pad ~ Pee Pads Ideal For House Breaking And Potty Training Odour less(Carbon 60 x 60 Cms, 20)

5991,199 (-50%)

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