• 2pc Aquarium Diver Cartoon Aquarium Floating Cute Resin Aquarium Accessories Decorative Items for Fish Aquarium, Floating on Water Aquarium, Fish Aquarium Decoration, 7 X 3 cm

    • CUTE AQUARIUM DIVER ORNAMENT – Is there a more effective aquarium ornament than a cartoon diver floating in the water? You can create a charming and colourful scene in your aquarium by adding two floating, toonish miniature divers to the gorgeous swimming fishes.
    • REFINED QUALITY & EXPERT CRAFTMENTSHIP : Made of eco-resin, it doesn’t harm the water’s quality, is non-toxic, doesn’t fade in colour, and is safe for aquarium animals. The diver’s picture is more vivid and adorable because to the fine and delicate craftsmanship. A fantastic match for the aquarium concept is the blue colour design of the two, one of which has a camera and the other an oxygen can.
    • FLOATING DESIGN – The little cartoon diver can stay in the centre of the water and move around thanks to the floating hollow ball with a string. The floating design allows it to move with your fish, giving your aquarium a more dynamic vibe than submerged aquarium decorations, which are also lovely static aquarium decorations for aquarium tanks.
    • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AQUARIUM TANK: Diver decorations, which come in sizes of 3*7cm, fit into the majority of aquarium landscapes and seamlessly complement other aquarium decorations, whether they have a natural or cartoonish character.It is especially appropriate for small fish tanks, providing your fish with a delicate living space.
    • ADJUSTABLE FLOATING POSITION: Depending on how long the fishing line is, the diver’s diving depth can be changed. The string’s length can be changed to accommodate your fish aquariums.

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